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        Guanya power attend The solar show Africa for grand


            From March 15 to March 16 2016,the largest solar exhibition which named The solar show Africa is grand opening in Johannesburg,South Africa.

            South Africa is the main electric energy manufactory in Africa. In the last few years, this country has huge electric power with low cost. While in the fast developing of its economy, South Africa regularly occur the national power shortage. Especially the power crisis is occurred in June 2008. Serious power shortage also affects a lot of African countries. In this circumstance, in January 2009, State Electric Power Cooperation states that South Africa will push to develop solar industry and wind industry to avoid the power shortage.

            In this exhibition, Guanya power provide new generation models of High frequency power supply, off-grid solar power system for client reference. The productions contain high frequency inverter, high frequency off-grid inverter and controller hybrid, MPPT solar controllers and so on with high load capacity, small self consumption which can fit for all series load. We have a great and happy communication with solar dealers, solar project installation customers, new energy companies, and personal household clients. Many customers have great interest in our new series of off-grid power supply and leave about 200 sets off-grid system order to Guanya in the exhibition. 


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