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        Good News: Photovoltaic Grid Connected Power Supply of Guanya Power Supply Co., Ltd Succeeded in Debugging in Parliament House Project of Pakistan and Its Photovoltaic Power Station was Successfully Connected to the Grid


          At 11:30, February, 23, local hour in Pakistan, opening ceremony on solar energy photovoltaic project in Parliament Mansion of Pakistan assisted by China was held in Islamabad. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, National Assembly Director Sadek and each federal minister attended the opening ceremony. Sun Weidong, Ambassador of China to Pakistan, was invited to the ceremony and gave a speech. Grid-connected inverter and other power supply products used in the project are all provided by Guanya Power Station Co., Ltd.

          Sharif gave full consent to the major significance that the project is input for use and showed gratitude to China’s contribution. Ambassador Sun Weidong showed during interview from Chinese press in Pakistan that the operation of this project signified realization of consensus made by President Xi and leaders of Pakistan and its completion reflected a sound, energy-conservative, environmental and sustainable concept, embodied profound friendship between two countries and set a good example to promotion of China’s other projects in Pakistan.

          Solar energy power generation project in Parliament Mansion of Pakistan is the first photovoltaic project to assist foreign countries by Commerce Department of the Chinese Government. With its years of brand influence and powerful product quality, Guanya won the big and provided such devices as photovoltaic grid-connected inverters, combiner box, low-pressure grid-connected box and motor-driven feeder cabinet, etc. Normal operation of these devices serves as powerful guarantee for resolving shortage of power in the Parliament Mansion.


          This project consists of 0.35 megawatt at the roof of the Parliament Mansion in Pakistan and the newly-built 0.65 megawatt for steel-structure parking lot shed. The two are estimated to generate an annual energy output totaling 1.6 million KWh and lead to spontaneous power generation for self-use and surfing networking. By use of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters of four Guanya power supply models namely 50KW, 100KW, 250 KW and 500 KW and with due diligence from technical staffs and on-spot staffs, it was successful during the first-time debugging. Moreover, combiner box, low-pressure grid-connected cabinet, power feeder cabinet and so on entirely conform to on-spot requirements.

          Guanya Power Supply Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies that independently researches, develops, produces and sells grid-connected inverters, off-network inverters, controllers and household power supply and other new energy products. After 16 years of development, it has grown into one of the power supply manufacturing companies featuring top technical level, most completed varieties, highest single-machine capacity and highest trust from clients. Successful grid connection in Pakistani Parliament Mansion project once again verified the reliable quality of products in our Company.

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